3 Biggest Mistakes On Twitter That Drive Traffic Away

Twitter is a fantastic way to reach audiences, interact with them and boost your brand’s following. With more than 300 million active users monthly, Twitter is not a platform that marketers should take lightly.

If you are struggling to gain followers, you might be making some common mistakes. This blog will explore the three mistakes that most businesses seem to be making on Twitter these days.


Are you guilty of sending out too many posts in one go, followed by a day or two of radio silence?


This is a surefire way to drive traffic away from your Twitter account. A better alternative is to spread out your tweets throughout the day by scheduling them on websites such as Hootsuite.

Using such a tool will let you draft all your tweets for a day or even a week in advance, schedule the time to post and voila! Your tweets will automatically get posted without you having to log in and write a new post each time.

You have a better chance for reaching your target audience by posting frequently than by sending out too many tweets at once.

Overdoing Hashtags

tweetingHashtags are a brilliant way of letting your target audience find you but going overboard with these makes your tweets look messy and hard to read.

Furthermore, you also come across as over-promoting your brand. Nobody appreciates a hard sell so be innovative while conveying your message. Keep your tweets simple, easy to read and limit hashtags to two per tweet. Don’t believe us? Twitter’s rules of engagement give the same suggestion.

Constant Retweets

Retweets are a great way to increase your followers organically. However, constantly retweeting instead of creating and sharing unique content is quickly going to establish you as a lazy brand in the scrutinizing eyes of the Twitterati.

Before you retweet, take the time out to read the link embedded in the tweet and post it with a comment. Similarly, share the tweet with a stand-out line or an interesting bit from the article.

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