Why Should You Buy Your Twitter Likes?

It is all about the Presentation

Twitter is a platform that is highly image related. If it is not the picture you uploaded, then it is your entire image on the platform. When you are new to the tweeting world, after a few tweets you realize that nobody is listening. You get that information by looking at your likes. That is what potential followers and see as well. They see that no one has liked the post hence the twitter account is not legitimate. When presenting an account that is well liked and is an active part of the Twitter community.

Prove Yourself

Whenever a new and organic follower looks at you accounts and sees the tweet section, they don’t see the tweets. They are also unconsciously looking at how many people have liked the tweet. We the humans copy and we copy a lot. When we see the majority of people doing something we think of it as acceptable. If we see people specifically avoiding something, we copy that as well to avoid potential backlash, or to avoid being the black sheep. But if we see someone either copying or avoiding something, that action falls in the grey area. Most people avoid going into the grey area as it is seen as bad as something that needs to be avoided. Either way, we like to go with the flow. When you Buy Twitter Likes, you are providing a sort of social proof of acceptability.

Get More Followers

Having no likes on your tweets may be as bad as not having any followers. As there is no engagement on your account, your tweets are as good as talking to yourself. Buying twitter likes is also a great way to attract new followers. By providing the social proof that your content is legitimate and that other people are liking it as well, you invite more people to your account.

Increase Traffic

When you buy your twitter likes you are automatically increasing the traffic on your account, which is great for your SEO. You can find companies that provide real followers who like your tweets these can even help you and may even share them. As the tweets spread around you can widen your reach and attract new and organic followers, who would like and share your tweets. It can even help you grow your business

Bottom Line

Buying twitter followers likes is an investment because they can lead organic followers.

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