Boost Your Business – Top Marketing Tips for Twitter

Even though Twitter has recently been attracting all the wrong kinds of attention – mostly for being compared to other social media networks and being found lacking – it still saw a 12 percent increase in daily active users in 2017 as compared to 2016. Though the rate of its growth has slowed considerably –that is true – it still remains one of the top social media platforms in the world.

With the increase in the limit of characters per tweet from 140 to 280, Twitter has provided people the chance to say more in their tweets. And with its free, open and public nature, it can be used in a number of ways to maximize marketing strategies.

Here are a few tips you need to consider when switching to Twitter for your marketing needs:

More Space to Tweet

The increased character space has led to an increase in engagement, despite the initial backlash the company had to suffer when they first released the news.

This larger room means you now have more space to let your creativity out no longer have to write passes on grammar – which is highly unprofessional and sheds doubt on your credibility. Longer tweets generate more likes and posts with more likes are generally the ones that are seen on the top of every feed.

Altered Algorithms

The algorithm approach most social media networks are going for these days has shown a marked difference in engaged users. When posts get filtered and the most important ones get the most traffic, how are you to make sure your tweet makes it to the top?

  1. Engage with your audience – talk to your clients, like their tweets and retweet them. Mention them by @username and improve goodwill among the community. This makes your tweets and likes more visible and more likely to be shown on feeds. Tweet to your followers to ask them what they think about your post, and ask questions!
  2. Like your own tweets – Likes and retweets count towards the popularity of a post, so liking your own posts gives them a higher chance of being noticed.


TweetstormsThreads enable you to gather a series of tweets together and string them together for simplified Tweetstorms. Use them to your benefit and provide your audience with more context while letting them remain on the platform. Twitter threads will allow a richer context in narratives to people looking for more than the standard 280 character Twitter post.


With the limited amount of space Twitter offers, it is not always easy to say everything you want to. And with the attention span of Generation Z – the newest consumers – at just 8 seconds, they are more likely to focus on visual marketing of products than textual.

Incorporating videos into your marketing strategy is a key opportunity to get the audience engaged long enough to sell your product to them.


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