Myths And Fact About Instagram Comments

Myth 1: using a lot of hashtags will make your post look phony

No, it’s not like that, hashtags are a great way to make your post reach far and wide, you are allowed up to 30 hashtags for a reason, make the most of it, use as many as you feel are related. We know from stats posts having 11or more hashtags gets 40 percent more comments and likes.  If you feel it’s making your post a little messy then leave some lines after caption so they won’t be visible.

Fact: Hash tags are a great way to reach your audience

Myth 2: the number of likes and comments are not important but the number of followers is

It is another myth that if you have a high engagement rate, but very small fan following, that means you are not popular among instagramers. Well that’s another myth; yes the Instagram following does contribute to your popularity on Instagram. But it is the engagement rate (the number of comments and likes) is the real marker of popularity, it means your posts are interesting and visually appealing.

Fact:  if you have a large following but rare comments and likes on your posts it means your posts are not good enough and this means you are not popular.

Myth 3: follow many accounts and wait for them to follow you back

Follow any accounts that you may want to without any obligations, collecting a large number of followers does nothing to sell your products. It does add someone to your list of favorites. And you may see their posts in your feed. They follow you as well and start having you in their news feed. But that will not help you sale your product unless you have genuine customers following you and watching your posts.

Fact: produce quality content to get more followers, this follow to follow strategy is fruitless.

Myth 4: the Instagram algorithm doesn’t support accounts with small following

Instagram’s algorithm arrange posts on the basis of the engagement rate, that means if you are relatively new and have a small following but  you are posting great things and you are attracting comments of many instagramers or you buy Instagram comments and have a lot of them on your posts. You will appear in many news feeds.

Fact: your low outreach should be blamed on you and not on Instagram’s new algorithm.

Bottom line

If you want to get a big start on Instagram than you should definitely buy Instagram comments, it will make your engagement rate go higher, and a high engagement rate is necessary for high visibility of your posts.

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