More Comments Translates into More Followers!

  1. Positive feedback:

Buying comments to have a solid positive feedback of your product or services is good strategy. Honestly, it is a bit difficult to trust an online business, so how to make it easier for people to have faith in your business? Firstly don’t try to be manipulative that is because buying comments will make customers but your quality will turn them into loyal and repeat customers in the long run.

  1. Comments show connection:

To re-tweet and like all you need is a click, and therefore they are easier to collect too, it means you tweet was interesting but not much to get a comment. But getting a comment means your post was too good, that it caught attention, and was so engaging that they felt compelled to reply.

So from the view point of target audience, a lot of comments mean this post has something to offer and they should just check it out.

  1. Comments show level of interest:

Commenting shows a genuine interest, it is easier to simply like a nice post, but to take time to ponder over it and then composing a reply takes effort. So comment on a post is an indication the post was worth the effort. Many comments surely give an impression of a very interesting post. And it definitely triggers curiosity in viewers to at least have a look at the post.

  1. Comments attract more traffic:

For some psychological reasons, the human mind is attracted towards things that a lot of people like; therefore a Twitter account with a large fan following has more chances at attracting people than a new account with few followers and comments. People would like to have a look out of curiosity or will probably visit the page to see what the comments are about.

  1. Encourages others to comment too:

Stats show posts like tag to win or follow to win have a high response rate, especially if you already have a lot of comments on your posts. When somebody comments on a post it appears in their followers feeds too.

Bottom line

When you Buy Twitter Comments it helps in two ways it increases engagement rate of the post so it appears in the top of the news feed and it increase your out-reach to attract more followers.

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