How to avoid negative comments on Facebook?

Avoid Arguments

It is quite common that followers leave bad or rude comments on your post. However, you should never ignore the comments and come up with a sound plan. In most cases, your profile is visible to the public and you cannot stop people from negative commenting.

In this scenario, you should refrain from an argument and only reply to constructive criticism. Also, you can Buy Facebook Comments. This way, positive feedback would take over the bad one without hurting your presence on the medium.


If you are running a business page, you will be more likely to receive all sorts of comments. Most social media enthusiasts recommend apologizing if necessary. It will help create brand value and portray that you care about your customers. You should post a genuine apology without delaying it further.

Hide Bad Comments

To sustain your presence online, you need to monitor your official page on a daily basis. Facebook offers “hide comment” option. You can always hide bad comment instead of fight back. The hide option will not show the negative comment to other visitors of your page whereas it will still be visible to the person who left it.

Apart from hiding negative comments, you should respond to suggestions and reply to queries as well. Plus, you should also Buy Facebook Comments to retain your reputation and run a successful Facebook page.

Ban User

Although daily interaction facilitates your engagement on Facebook posts and boosts reach, you never know when a user starts making bad comments on your posts affecting your hard earned reputation. You can deal with such users via banning them immediately to avoid further inconvenience.

Resolve Issue Offline

In most cases, users start complaining in the comments section which may encourage other users to question your services or work ethics. You should never ignore a user completely but try to resolve the matter via personal message. There is no need to discuss the issue by responding to follower’s comment involving other followers.

You can always apologize and ask for details via direct messaging. It will promote the positive image of your brand and maintain a certain standard in the more extended run; you should invest and Buy Facebook Comments. This step will paint a positive picture of your brand.

Bottom Line

You may have encounter offensive feedback numerous times on your official Facebook page. It is advised to resolve the matter with the right tricks instead of getting into an argument.

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