How To Change Negative Comments Into Positive Publicity

Here are some tips on turning negative comments into positive feedback:

Be vigilant

The most important thing is to keep an eye on Instagram, use Google alert; it allows you to type in the name of your business and get an insight on what is being said behind your back. you will get an alert when the name on your company is used on social media.

Respond quickly

When you see a complaint or a rant about your products and service, you can either leash at or respond quickly and calmly. It was estimated in a study that about 42% people expect a reply within 60 minutes while 32% considers 30 minute is enough time for you to respond.

The choice is yours but remember their negative comment will not hurt your image as much as your immature replies will.

Understand their perspective

Try to understand the issue from the customer’s perspective. Try to find out the reason behind their negative comment, whether it is your product or a bad customer experience that has lead to this rant.

Use other platforms to interact

Respond politely, apologies for the inconvenience and ask them to send you a private message stating their problem. Correspond via personal message, email or on phone, always opt for direct communication while addressing complaints, and don’t carry on the discussion on social media for everybody to see.

Don’t Delete

However tempting it may sounds deleting a negative comment increases its authenticity for the audience. Instead use it as an opportunity and let others see how you dealt with the circumstances.


Accept your mistake if the complaint is true. Don’t try to sound formal make a sincere and casual apology.  Even if it wasn’t your mistake calmly point that out and let them know you are willing to work with them again.

Provide solution

Offer them an exchange or return their money, you can always send a small gift to, well bribe the customer.

Ask for feedback

After resolving the matter, ask the customer for feedback, chances are they may post about their good experience as well.

Positivity against negativity

Buy Instagram Comments to get a flood of positivity for the viewers; one or two negative comments will lose their credibility when your Instagram is full of happy customers and positive comments.

Bottom line:

Respond calmly to negative comments and Buy Instagram Comments to drown them in the flood of positivity.

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