How To Get More Instagram Comment On Your Post

Instagram posts appear in the newsfeed on the basis of their outreach, the post with more number of comments and likes will appear in the news feed more often and will stay there for long time. This kind of exposure increase visibility and in turn attracts more likes and comments.

  1. Make your account public:

First and foremost make your account public so it is visible to everybody.

  1. Beautiful images with overlay text:

Images that are visually pleasing can make Instagrammers to stop stare for a while, that’s enough time for you to collect a like Choose a catchy line as an overlay text on striking image.

  1. Use filters:

Using some filters can also make your images more appealing for the audience it has been noted that images using certain filters get more likes. Also real images without filters were able to grab a lot of attention lately.

  1. Posts asking for comments/opinions get more comments:

It is an old quote that if you need something asks for it, this is true for getting Instagram comments, likes and tags. The posts which ask the reader to comment, like or tag get more of them. So don’t hesitate to ask your follower to comment their opinion.

  1. Engage with your audience:

Reply to your audience even just to say thanks, it won’t only increase the number of comments on your post, but will give your followers a sense of connection. And it will make them feel acknowledged.

  1. Get more likes:

Publishing creative ideas and eye-catching images can help you get noticed and getting likes. More likes on a post keeps it in the news fed for long time. This will increase your chances to be seen by large audience, and getting comments

A study by track maven found that for every 33 likes you get one comment

  1. The day of posting:

The time and day of posting can influence the visibility of your post greatly, analyze your results from previous posts and see when your respective audience is most eager to comment and to plan your next posts accordingly, as per research weekend post engage more people.

  1. Buy Instagram comments:

A comparatively easy way to get more comments is to have some already. Buy Instagram Comments to increase your chances of having more people to comment on your posts.

Bottom line: buy Instagram comments in order to be more visible and have more traffic directed towards your Instagram account.

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