Simple Ways To Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube isn’t a just a platform for millennials. Recent statistics show YouTube’s wide reach caters to the 35+ demographic and that 1 out of every four user watches corporate YouTube videos.

If your business wants to climb up the SEO ladder and rank highly on Google, research suggests that video content is the way to do go as videos are ranked higher than written content. With statistics like these, it is no wonder that businesses are flocking to the social media platform and producing engaging video content to boost customer engagement.

If you want to build a strong media presence and land high on the result page of every search engine, gaining subscribers is the way to do just that. Let’s look at some easy ways to increase your viewership and boost subscribers.

Stick To A Schedule

Posting on a certain day each week is a great way to keep your viewers returning. For example, if you put out a video every Wednesday, your subscribers get a notification triggering views and builds anticipation among your viewers.

Consider asking for a thumbs-up, share and subscription at the end of each video to gain new followers.

Share It

If your brand is serious about leveraging social media to build a strong web presence, chances are, you have an account on all the big guns of social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram.

YouTube channel

Every time you release a new video, make sure to share it on all your social media accounts with a CTA that prompts readers to watch your videos on your YouTube channel. The combined reach from followers on other accounts is sure to increase your subscribers list.

Keep It Short

Long YouTube videos tend to get fewer views than shorter ones. Research shows that the ideal length of a video is 2 minutes and 54 seconds. Any longer than that and you run the risk of driving away viewers.

SEO Keywords

While writing a brief description for your video, do a quick search for relevant keywords and incorporate them in your write up. You will increase your search rankings by using words that people are looking for, and rank higher on search engine results.

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