The Role of Facebook In Marketing Your Brand

Facebook is undeniably the king of all social media networks and the first choice for marketers all around the globe. Today, people consume information differently than previous generations. Gone are the days of radios, televisions and newspapers being the only source of information. Digital is the way to go now. 

In this blog, we will explore why Facebook is essential to marketing your brand.


In a recent survey, 80% of marketers chose Facebook as their favorite platform to promote their business. Facebook is where your competitors are. Whether you are a real estate company, a fashion brand or a recruitment company—whatever your business may be, you will find your audience and competitors from your industry on Facebook.

Brand Loyalty

Brand LoyaltyHaving a presence on social media websites promotes brand loyalty. When your customers interact with you directly, they get a better sense of who you are and what your brand stands for. Constant engagement is key and the secret to keeping your audiences riveted is by providing them information they care about instead of sales pitches.

Hyper Targeted Audiences

With 2.20 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers you the opportunity to find and target your core audience with targeted ads.

The Facebook Custom Audience Tool is a marketer’s best friend as it helps you pick out who you want your ads to see based on their demographics. This allows brands to showcase different products and services to different audiences.

New Customers

Facebook’s broad reach allows its users to find businesses they were previously unaware of. Let’s say you are a Bed Sheets retail seller. You create a page on Facebook, join groups in your industry and throw around links from your website. A twenty something is not your target audience, but that same twenty year old, looking for a mother’s day present may stumble across your links while search for beddings as a present. Viola! You’ve been found and made a sale. Now imagine the impact that a platform with 2.20 billion active users can have on your business. This is only a small example of how Facebook helps you reach undiscovered audiences.

Facebook helps

Just Getting Started?

It can be a daunting experience for businesses to build a strong page, have a wide organic reach, and make their presence felt on a platform where all their competitors are. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and get your business noticed, you may want to buy Facebook likes and followers.

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