Increase Your Visibility On Instagram

The Instagram feed is not chronological anymore; it shows posts with large number of like and comments first. With hundreds and thousands of pictures being posted everyday it very unlikely to end up at the top without a large fan following. Buy Instagram Comments to give an initial boost to your posts and to keep them the in your news feed.

Beautiful images:

Instagram is more about images; people scroll through their news feed to see various images of food, places, models etc to get inspiration. Posting something with a power full quote or with catchy picture will help you get comments.


An Instagram study shows that pictures using Mayfair filter were most likely to get likes and comment, no-filter pictures were second and images using Inkwell filter were third most popular photos.


Short attention grabbing videos that convey the message without being too long or boring also get comments and like.

Hash tags:

A study by Dan Zarrella found a connection between hash tags and visibility of your post. According to him it will increase your reach, using 11 or more hash tags in a post increase its visibility up to 40%.

Ask for comments:

A research about Facebook revealed that posts asking for comments get more comments. So don’t hesitate and ask for opinions, feedback and comments in your posts.

Tag and win posts:

Tag and win is probably the easiest way to collect comments, as a bonus tagging will increase your visibility. Also you’re the gifts winners get will be publicity for your product.


Respond individually to people who take time out and comment on your post, another advantage of replying to all comments is many comments under your post.

Comments attract comments:

You can always buy Instagram Buy Instagram Comments for your posts. Having a large number of comments under your posts can make them more visible in the news feed; more visibility means more chances of attracting perspective audience.

Posting time and day:

Stats show that pictures posted on Sunday get most likes; also the time of the day when you are posting also can increase the reach and visibility of your post up to 25%.

Bottom line:

Try all the suggestions of the article and see what works best for you, build your strategy on the results. But in the beginning buy Instagram comments.

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