Find out how many people watch and like your videos?

Views to Likes Ratio

To determine how well you are doing on YouTube, you need to find it via a simple ratio. This technique helps to comprehend your progress. YouTube expert suggest that you should achieve maximum 40 likes for around 1000 views or 4%.

The sum will provide an insight into which direction you are leading your channel. If the ratio matches, it is obvious you are doing well, but if it does not you need to start thinking. If your videos are making below 4% you need to opt for a distinctive approach to improve their performance.

Approach to get Maximum Likes

You can opt for various strategies to increase the number of likes on your videos such as incorporating a call to action. You can also gain likes via running the contests or giving away goodies. Moreover, social media experts suggest to Buy YouTube Likes to earn maximum likes on your videos. The strategy is considered effective specifically when you are a newbie on the YouTube.

Also, purchasing likes are safe if you consult with the reliable company in this regard. The concept does not affect the presence of your channel, if you will not violate the terms and conditions of YouTube. Therefore, getting maximum likes on the video will improve the ratio significantly leading your channel to the next level.

Improve Viewership

Viewership plays an essential role as well. If the ratios show your views need improvement, you need to start working in this regard. The high number of views on the video indicates that it contains interesting content. Along with this, the views also encourage other people to view it that ultimately lead to new views. If continued, this practice can make your videos viral as well.

Moreover, you should reconsider the quality of the video as it helps in this context. Always come up with a catchy tagline, well-researched content, interesting thumbnail, etc. These are minor factors that leave a major impact. Apart from this, you can look for a strategy similar to buying YouTube likes. That is to purchase views on the social media network to increase viewership on your videos and giving your channel a boosted start.

Bottom Line

You can monitor your progress on the YouTube via views to likes ratio. If you don’t find a satisfactory result, you have an option To Buy YouTube Likes. And to improve viewership, you can also opt for the similar strategy.

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